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YouTube sensation Caspar Lee surprised shoppers in London today with an impromptu carol concert to mark the release of his very 21st-century take on Deck the Halls. Enlisting the help of Aled Jones and TK Maxx, Casper is calling on Brits to revive the Christmas singing tradition nationwide.


New research commissioned by the labels-for-less retailer reveals that although over two-thirds (67%) of Britons enjoy Christmas carols, less than half the nation (45%) will actually be singing them. Only 40% of Millennials will partake in traditional carol singing, with 26% feeling too embarrassed and 15% finding them too old fashioned.


A further fifth of 18-34 year olds (14%) are simply unsure of the lyrics with more than half (54%) knowing no more than the first verse of Deck the Halls.


To tackle this, TK Maxx brought together Caspar Lee with mentor and ‘king of carols’ Aled Jones to rewrite and record a surprising and contemporary version of Deck the Halls with new lyrics reflecting the spirit of a thoroughly modern Christmas.


As part of the retailer’s seasonal mission to prove Christmas is best when it’s more surprising, the track has been transformed into a modern dance-pop track, featuring beat boxing and an a cappella EDM ‘drop’. Caspar himself contributes a spoken-word intro, with Aled advising on the secret formula needed for a great Christmas song.


The song can be streamed for free at:


It premiered this morning among the commuters and shoppers of King’s Cross station during a surprise concert that drew a crowd of excitable fans and intrigued passers-by.


Commenting on the track, mentor Aled Jones said: “The secret of a great Christmas song is balancing timeless tradition with what people love about Christmas today. If this version of Deck the Halls encourages more people to dust off their festive favourites for a seasonal sing-song – that can only be good news!”


Caspar Lee said: “I love surprising people and Christmas is the perfect time of year to do that, whether it’s popping in on your grandma unannounced or seeing someone’s face light up when they unwrap that gift they never expected. Spreading a bit of Christmas surprise with my own choir has been a great way to start the season.”


Deborah Dolce, TK Maxx said: “Tradition is at the heart of what makes Christmas so special, and of course we think it’s even better when the gifts we give and receive are surprising. We love this unexpected twist on a classic carol and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the imaginative gifts we have at magical prices to surprise and delight friends and family.”


According to the TK Maxx research, other factors that are holding Britons back from singing carols are:

  • Not enjoying singing (22%)
  • Feeling embarrassed (15%)
  • Thinking Christmas carols are old fashioned (7%)


Britain’s top misunderstood carol lines include:

•             Troll the ancient Yule tide carol (36% know the meaning)

•             Bells on bobtail ring (33%)

•             Your matin chime, ye ringers (32%)

•             Page and monarch, forth they went (20%)

•             Ding dong! Verily the sky, is riven with angels singing (15%)



Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Falalala la la la la

'Tis the season to be jolly

Falalala la la la la


Don we now our Christmas cardies

Falalala la la la la

Just in time for office parties

Hope-our-fancy-dress is up to par


Mornings off with Phil and Holly

Falalala la la la la

Shielding snowballs with your brolly

Tweeting-all-your-friends how cold you are.


Christmas Day, who's first to rise

Falalala la la la la

Bought my pets a nice surprise

They-prefer-the-wrap-ping best by far.


Getting family round for dinner

Falalala la la la la

Pulling crackers, who's the winner?

Bad-jokes-all-around, ha ha ha ha.


Mum and Dad dancing to Beiber

Falalala la la la la

Grandma’s snoring – should have seen her

A-very-merry-Christ-mas from Caspar.

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